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Image Interactive LLC is a software development company based in Seattle, Washington. We develop custom, data-connected interactive layers and layouts for website images.

Project planning and programming interactive images for your website are our primary services.

Image Interactive was founded with the idea that presenting data or text in an interactive, visual context promotes a faster and deeper understanding of information.

April 2012

The beginning

The codebase for Image Interactive services was founded in the spring of 2012. The core components were integrated into a web application that showcased the value of presenting data results in context of where energy audits were conducted.

September 2016

Code fork

The summer of 2016 introduced a code fork that separated all of Image Interactive core components from the energy audit web application. A standalone web service focused solely of the value of presenting information in a visual context was formed.

January 2018


The beginning of 2018 introduced a full overhaul of Image Interactive online services. Interactive image samples were introduced to showcase the value of a visual context for any data source and text-based information.

Who We Are

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