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Place data and text in a visual, interactive context so users can interpret information faster

Before showing charts

Charts can be visually impressive and they tell a very detailed story. Intrepretation of the data, however, can be slow and often requires a presenter to draw attention to critical subsets of the data.

Present the big picture

Show users the essential points first rather than the details. Pair datasets or text with specific parts of an image so users have a context for the source of the data and its relationship to data subsets.

Lay out a narrative

More than one image can create a storyboard that eases users into the essential points and eventually into the details of data results. Images are arranged with navigation elements so that users can be walked through a narrative of the data.

Layer the details

Let users navigate to the details on their own volition. Draw their attention to the details that are more important than others. Present the details of the data as a response to user interaction.

Embed anywhere

Layouts, layers and images are packaged together and can be embedded within any web-based content. They can fill up the screen to provide an immersive experience or they can be embedded within other content on a web page. See more embedded interactive maps. Browse the interaction gallery for an immersive experience.

Image planning

You've got the data and you've charted the results. We'll help you pair your datasets with the most effective types of images, adaptive layouts and interaction layers so that your users will have a smooth experience interpreting data results.

See Services for more of what we do.

Content development

The process of displaying an interactive context of your data can be completed through our content development services. We develop any customizations for your unique data, package all components and support the integration of interactive content into your website.